Our Story

Our Gifting Journey

Oh Happy Gift (OHG) is a gift store that is founded in 2015. We retail a selection of aesthetically pleasing and functional everyday “gifts” from dinnerware, home decor, stationery to party essentials. To make each gift truly yours, we provide custom gift services to both corporate or individuals. (see more on curated gifts) In compliments to that, we do also offer design, printing and photography services.

Here at OHG, each gift is curated with love and happiness in mind. As we believe, through gifting we can share the joy and laughter that would inspire more positivity to our daily life.

As the name implies,

OH - often to express a range of emotions, in this case JOY!
HAPPY - showing pleasure or contentment
GIFT - our products!

" Gift the gifts of love, that keeps on giving, today. We love nothing more but to have you in our gifting family. "