We are head over heels that we can finally share with you, our secret project - OH HAPPY GIFT 2.0!

It has been a good couple of years in our gifting, design and styling journey... As things are progressing and growing, we have decided it’s time to embrace change. As the saying goes, "To improve is to change ; to be perfect is to change often" by Winston Churchill. With that in mind, we welcome new colors, details and elements  into the mix. (However, we still stayed truly to our love for everything sparkly, OF COURSE :D)

We would love to take this opportunity to THANK YOU, (YES, YOU) our gifting family for being patient with us along our happy ways.

Hoping to gift with you better, from here on! Till the next entry? See you online fam!

Love Always,
Oh Happy Gift
#ohglovesyou #giftingfam #ohgnewlook #ohhappygift2.0

PS:/ To celebrate this occasion, we have also launch our latest collection, BE SURE TO CHECK THEM OUT here

Branding by @vangohcreative
Photography by @vangohcreative
Styled by @ohhappygift.co
Website by Deltabis Creative Agency

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