Just like life, Kaleidoscope reflects the constant change of patterns and with just a slight change, all patterns are altered...


However, if we learn to see through all the bits and pieces, we will see something beautiful… Kaleidoscope, embraces change and encourages positivity. Trust the magic, and life will begin once again, starting with you.

With regard to current situation around the world, life has indeed threw us a curveball. We hope that with Kaleidoscope, we will be able to shed some light, love and kindness to you, or your favourite someones.



Hand-picked and loved by us, we hope you enjoy Iridescent and Opalescent as much as we do! A artful gift box for all occasions. A reason, for someone to smile, just because. Gift a gift of love that keeps on giving.

Double Choc Sea Salt

Wax Sachet

Be patient. Be loving. Be kind. Be gentle.

Love Always,
Oh Happy Gift
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