It's A Jamboree!

The LAST AND FIRST festive collection, curated specially from us to you! JAMBOREE  嘉年歡樂 ~ a large celebration or party, typically a lavish and boisterous one, OUR WELCOMING 2020 PARTAY :D

Bliss Party

Yes, you heard it right! This year we have decided to combine both festivals, Christmas 2019 and Chinese New Year 2020!! As the saying goes, two is better than one, joyous moments are meant to be celebrated together!

JAMBOREE is bright and lively. This season, there are total of 4 main sets - JOY, GLEE, DELIGHT and BLISS. Along with 2 additional ones - WISHES and TREASURE. Each with both design elements from the festivals.


Glee and Delight

This time round, there are a balance of sweet and savoury baked goods from our reputable home bakers. (Tasted and loved deeply by us, for sure!)


We hope that you enjoyed our journey so far, and continue to come along for the adventure! Taking this opportunity to also send love and big thanks to all that made this happen! Let us all, JAMBOREE and welcome the New Year ahead.

Jamboree Party

Love Always,
Oh Happy Gift
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